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Bridges for Investment and Marketing is a Trade company that falls under the umbrella of Bridges Group. Bridges for Investment and Marketing is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. Our journey started in 1992 as a contracting company and expanded to the telecommunication field in 1994 with the start of the GSM era.

Bridges was Jordan’s third largest importer from Turkey in the year 2021, importing from three of Turkey’s most reputable companies, Kilim Group, Mitas Industries, and YDS. Bridges exclusively represents these companies in Jordan and several countries in the Middle East.

There’s room for all

Mitas Industries has been a key player in the development of Bridges’ brand and business growth, our cooperation for the past 25+ years has resulted in Bridges supplying Telecommunication towers and their components to both the private and public sectors for Jordan in specific and the Middle East, Africa in general. You can find our towers and lighting poles all around Jordan. Some of our clients include (ZAIN, ORANGE, UMNIYAH, SPECIAL COMMUNNICATION COMISSION SCC, U.S GOVERNMENT and MILITARY.)

Our relationship with Kilim Group, is built over a decade of servicing Public Security Department with the highest quality of garments, producing PSD’s Battle Dress Uniforms and Field Jackets. 2021 saw Bridges acquiring massive tenders with PSD reaching more than half of the budget allocated for PSD for the same year.
YDS is another company that we cooperate with to provide PSD, Jordanian Army, and Special police force with the highest quality gear including shoes, boots, and other military equipment.

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