Bridges was Jordan’s third largest importer from Turkey in the year 2021, importing from three of Turkey’s most reputable companies, Kilim Group, Mitas Industries, and YDS. Bridges exclusively represents these companies in Jordan and several countries in the Middle East.

You can find our towers and lighting poles all around Jordan. Some of our clients include (ZAIN, ORANGE, UMNIAH, SPECIAL COMMUNNICATION COMISSION SCC, U.S GOVERNMENT and MILITARY.)
Our relationship with Kilim Group, is built over a decade of servicing Public Security Department with the highest quality of garments, producing PSD’s Battle Dress Uniforms and Field Jackets. 2021 saw Bridges acquiring massive tenders with PSD reaching more than half of the budget allocated for PSD for the same year.
YDS is another company that we cooperate with to provide PSD, Jordanian Army, and Special police force with the highest quality gear including shoes, boots.

Mitaş industry

MİTAŞ Industry Inc., a MİTAŞ Group company, operates on a global scale in the business of engineering and manufacturing of towers, poles and high masts for power transmission and distribution, renewable energy, telecommunication, lighting, and transportation infrastructure.
The Company has an annual turnover of 200,000,000 USD and employs 1,500 qualified employees.
MİTAŞ Industry has the full range of advantage of having in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, resulting in integrated, safe, and responsive solutions in the entire spectrum from design to delivery.
MİTAŞ Industry has its engineering and manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Italy and France, and several international representatives. Manufacturing factories are equipped with modern CNC machines and automated production systems, which fully comply with various international standards.

Mitaş Industry


Kilim Group has started production in 1953 and is currently one of the leading companies in Turkey’s textile sector.Kilim Group with a 62-year-old who history, has become one of the most important forces representing Turkey in the world textile market from cotton to yarn, yarn to fabric, fabrics to uniform.
Kilim Group is an industrial company with a vertically integrated structure from fiber to garment. On its facility established in Edirne & Tekirdağ on a closed area of 150,000 m2 there are included two yarn production plants, a weaving factory, two dyeing and finishing plants with monthly 3,000,000 metric tons of fabrics and a garment plant with monthly production of 300,000 units.
In addition to being a well-known denim fabric producer, Kilim Group is the official uniform manufacturer of the Turkish Army and is one of the prominent and leading integrated facilities in terms of export.



Manufacturing products for military and security purposes, YDS is a Turkish company that boasts a wide range of premium products compliant with world standards, such as ballistic goggles, leather goods, tents as well as technical boots, shoes, and textiles.
YDS is an industry leader that manufactures 6 million pairs of technical boots each year in its cutting-edge facility, which is established on an area of 100,000 m2 in Ankara. YDS, ranked as one of the top 500 companies in Turkey, is the only company in its industry to be included in this list.
Bolstered by an innovative perspective, YDS has recently expanded its product range of technical textile products to offer brand-new solutions for the military, police forces and outdoor living. Leveraging its years of industry experience, it aims to reach out to global markets by maintaining the highest standards in the production of textile products, such as uniforms, cold climate parkas/trousers, backpacks, ammunition, and ballistic vests, sleeping bags, ponchos, and tents.

YDS Group